Kali Yuga, or Calling All Yugas

In Hinduism, the Kali Yuga age is the last of four ages. Oriented in the belief that with time comes decay, not progress and enlightenment, the Kali Yuga age is understood to be one of widespread personal, political, moral, societal, cultural, and religious dissolution and chaos. Before a new cycle of civilization can begin, this age must run its wayward course. Rene Guenon  and Julius Evola are two of the more prominent European traditionalists to disseminate this concept in the West.  

The most recent video by end-of-civilization-monitor Black Pigeon Speaks powerfully lacks any narration and, instead, parades the rotting corpse before our eyes, using only headlines gathered from newspapers over the past few years.

A few tantalizing ones:

“Surrey Police investigation over ‘misgendering’ tweets” [1984]

“Most bestiality is legal, declares Canada’s Supreme Court” [After all, are not such people born that way? Why should they be denied from becoming their most authentic selves? Love wins. ***Note***: I am not defending this position; I am using contemporary societal logic only to show where else it may be employed.]

“Scholar Calls Pedophilia ‘An Unchangeable Sexual Orientation’ that Should Be Accepted by Society” [See bracketed note above.]

The jig is up; we have no plausible alibi.

One could rightly point out that depravity is not a novel endeavor of mankind, yet that is not the concern. What is the concern–and what conforms to the spirit of the Kali Yuga–is the wide-scale societal acceptance of and promotion of–from all levels of authority (that is, from what authority still remains)–relativism and depravity. In addition, humanity must soon face challenges that are unique in historical significance: automation with its attendant human worker replacement and transhumanism, a movement that will no longer allow us to take for granted accumulated religious, biological, and sociological understandings of what it means to be human. We must not forget to mix these ingredients into the current political stew, one that is light on a shared vision of the common but heavy on identity posturing–posturing that is only being exacerbated by unrestricted immigration and reality-adrift political correctness.

Only a few months ago, my hope was to emigrate to watch America–if not the West, depending on where I landed–burn as I enjoyed a drink by the poolside. However, given that I have a child on the way, my plan to enjoy the decline has changed. Now I must  ascertain, with no small level of trepidation, how best to protect and to raise the soul for which I will be responsible. May as well lock the liquor cabinet and drain the pool.


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