Hammer Time

Recently I watched the mesmerizing You Were Never Really Here, starring the always captivating Joaquin Phoenix. (FYI fact: I had a friend whose father was the firefighter who futilely performed CPR on the beautifully doomed River Phoenix all those years ago outside Depp’s Viper Room in Hollywood.)

I am not familiar with Lynne Ramsay’s work, but I may have to investigate. Watching this film alone–as I usually am wont to do with films I truly want to enjoy, I could not peel my eyes from the screen, truly a visually addicting experience.

Not giving away anything too much: Phoenix plays a shell-shocked vet who has taken up rescuing young girls from ebephophiliacs. He looks crazy as hell and knows how to wield a hammer. The first rescue scene will haunt you. It will also forever change the way you listen to Rosie and The Originals’ “Angel Baby.”

Though not a father, I think that if I were one, I could find myself delving into this kind of madness. Any man–or woman–who wants to prey upon children or young teens (as our global elite does with impunity) deserves a swift hammer strike (or ten) across the face.

Since we are in the mood, here is the song itself:


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