Nobody Cares About White Genocide

Per South Africa: as long as whites are the ones on the receiving end of a machete, nobody gives a a flying racial damn, for those crackers probably had it coming to them anyway, given some secular version of original sin, i.e., a crime over which they had no personal responsibility, but for which they must still suffer. (Look into “land expropriation South Africa.”)

If you care to sign a White House petition to give priority to white farmers who may want to escape their eventual slaughter by emigrating to the US, go here.

Am I being dramatic? Check out this video staring at the 5:22 mark (better yet–watch the entire damn thing):

About Bourbon Apocalypse: A Whiskey Son of Sorrow

"If you can't annoy somebody, there's little point in writing." ~ Kingsley Amis
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