My Humilating Christian Music Background

Unlike the whippersnapper Christians of today with their iPhones and magic no-sex elixirs, my generation had to have serious conversations as to what constitutes acceptable Christian art. Names/terms like Francis Schaeffer and reformed apologetics and Thomism and Image Journal and the three denominations of reality (not those kinds: the Good, the True, the Beautiful) were tossed around in the mix over coffee or beer. (Good heavens, I miss those days.) We took seriously the possibility that certain rhythms might have been intrinsically vile, thus making certain forms of music–regardless of the lyrical content a la the medium is the message–inappropriate for Christian production and consumption. You young X-tian punks have no damn clue. No damn clue. For the most part, technology and culture–neither Christ nor His church–have dictated was is acceptable, and I suppose that this is unavoidable. For example, a recent Rod Dreher column (find it yourself, my dears) blames the dearth of marriages on the availability of easy, easy sex. I tend to agree. Why marry–unless you are uber-religious–if you can get exciting, thrilling, porn-star sex for little-to-no cost? I cannot think of counter-arguments that do not involve sentimental attachments to sacramental forms that most no longer believe as true or do not involve the term hell, which, for all its possible realities, does not seem like a counter-argument that will presently appeal to many. (Traditional Catholics–ones for whom I have great respect–wept.) Some may counter that marriage (as in between a man and a woman–the only ontological reality for marriage) is necessary for the formation of healthy and well-adjusted children. Okay, and how many Christians are a). not on birth control and are actually having children and b). willing to speak such things in the presence of their adorable gay friends and their valiant single-mom friends? Right.

Given that I am still working on my musical autobiography submission, let me, in the meantime, post a litany (he-he-he) of “Christian” videos. No commentary will be provided, so do your homework.


…and this because Ronnie realized what a joke CCM is/was.

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