Never Forget–Just Don’t Learn

Given the ease with which the media now traffics in the term “conspiracy” whenever Russia or Putin is discussed, one might be led to believe that the term has been rehabilitated for polite political discourse. However, in this media-controlled discourse, the term’s referent is what matters: if we are referring the machinations of the Slavic people, then we need to take stock of the sober reality of a historically un-sober people and their insidious ways. If we are talking about the untrustworthiness–if not vile transgressions–of the US government against its own people, then those who dare contemplate conspiracies need to be “slut shamed” Big Brother style.


With all that has been revealed through Wikileaks if no other source, the fact many still cannot fathom the possibility that the US government may not be a government for the people by the people baffles me. I do not intend to turn this post into an exploration into the arguments for 9/11’s being an inside job of some sort; those sites and videos can (still as of yet) be readily found. However, I will post this one, for I think that it cleverly and succinctly brings up the many, many inconsistencies and lingering questions involved without launching into a more paranoid who-done-it:

Also, when one thinks of the numerous governmental benefits (read: extensions of power) that followed in the wake, one should wonder if this convenient day of infamy, this second Pearl Harbor (much like the first one), was a little too convenient.


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