Taxes or Not, Automation Cometh

Ramzpaul has suffered a hard time as of late. Through regular video releases on his YouTube channel over the past few years, his race-realist confessions, nationalistic views, Heartiste-inspired critiques on modern sexual relations, and criticisms of Israel have made him an anathema to the neo-conservatives who dominate the major media outlets and who might otherwise find in him a co-belligerent in many cultural and political battles. According to such outlets, however, anything he says can be disregarded and discarded because he belongs to the demonic alt-right, a Luciferian assembly who, as the accusations go, worship at the altar of racism, sexism, and antisemitism. Whatever–such quivering conservatives have been dismissed by the alt-right as cuckservatives, conservatives-in-name-only who care more about popularity and power than principles. Many in the alt-right, though, consider Ramzpaul a sell-out, for he is on friendly terms with Asians (even finds Asian women romantically viable) and has taken photos with Jews. He has even found the gall to befriend a pick-up-artist-turned-cultural-commentator of Iranian descent (Roosh) and to criticize the goons of assorted (and they are; there is no unity) 14/88 groups. This only shows that the alt-right is just as prone to excommunicate those deemed impure in doctrine as the most zealous cultural-Marxist outfit.

Personally, I think Ramzpaul has merely shown that he thinks for himself–a dangerous habit regardless of one’s ideological preference.

In this recent video, Ramzpaul argues against taxing the 45% of Americans who do not pay federal income taxes. While those in the upper income brackets starting with the top 20 percentile pay a disproportionate amount of all federal taxes, the amount of federal taxes that these people pay does not dramatically affect their lifestyles. They still have it good. In other words, while those in such brackets may not appreciate having to shoulder such an asymmetrical burden, they  do not have to worry about not being able to pay for their children’s shoes or food for their families as a result. This, according to Ramzpaul, cannot be said about the 45% who pay no federal income tax. Were they to be taxed, very drastic sacrifices would have to be made. While this is all food for thought (if you can still afford it), the most interesting points made in this video concern automation and robotics. He rightly notes that commentariats on neither left nor the right are talking about the *guaranteed* displacement of laborers through advances in automation and robotics that is coming.  According to Martin Ford, a founder of a Silicon Valley software development firm, in his The Rise of the Robots: Technology and the Threat of a Jobless Future, the displacement will not devastate only skill-less/low-skilled/industrially-trained workers, but it will also include a large number of white collar jobs as well: lawyers, doctors, teachers, etc. Ramzpaul’s position is for the institution of a guaranteed income, one that will keep those who no longer are employable from starving and/or, as I would add, rioting–rioting that would probably pit humans against robots who need not fear the pains of desperation.



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