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In a recent contribution in the War Against Complete Western Decay (for we have no reasonable choice but to admit and work within the confines of decline), the blogger over at Alpha Game has listed five reasons for marriage:

  1. Christianity: extramarital sex is sinful and it is better to marry than burn.
  2. Children: children require a marital structure for a healthy and stable upbringing and men who want to continue their line are well-advised to marry.  The future belongs to those who show up for it.
  3. Civilization: we have an obligation to those who founded and built our civilization to continue it.  Marriage is a vital foundation of civilization.
  4. Contentment: a happily-married man is more content, more healthy, and likely to live longer than a never-married man, a divorced man or a widower.  And even an unhappily-married man has the benefit of viewing death as a sweet release.
  5. Courage: marriage is a real risk, both emotionally and financially.  It is stupid and dishonest to pretend otherwise.  Men are not women, to live life in a risk-averse manner, and shunning even the possibility of marriage due to the risks it poses is a cowardly, even unmanly, stance.  This is not to say that all marital risks justify the taking, of course, that would be ludicrous.

I believe this to be a valuable and timely contribution to the game/manosphere realm. As a growing number of e-commentariat  rightfully discuss the risks a man takes in marrying in a culture (sic) that views marriage as a lifestyle accoutrement to be discarded when found to be inconvenient, this post may come as a surprise.  After all, what sensible man would want to marry a women who has ridden (open legged, that is) her bike several times around the block, and who will more than likely come to see her fiance as a beta provider for alpha adventures? Then, when the blessed storms of matrimony arise, this hapless man will face the likely threat that he will lose any kids that they may have had together (provided he is not raising–unbeknownst to himself–the passion kids of a long-since- vanished-but-not-forgotten alpha male), forfeit his house, and lose half his assets through a no-fault divorce? Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be…husbands. Men, go your own (spouse-less) way, right?

For many men, this may be the best thing for them to do–that is, to not marry, and while society has changed, men have not–opportunities for adventure still await those willing to claim them. However, what is a man to do who wants to pursue a relationship with a woman yet who holds to the teachings of Christianity regarding premarital sex? What should men do who believe that while there may be much truth to be gleaned from the insights of game and from the men’s rights movement, their vision of going their own way still consists of following the traditional path of marriage and family (in that order)? Such men, at least from my limited exposure to game/manosphere sites, seem to reside in the margins. Such are the men who find helpful the highly articulate posts of the proprietors (as I believe, based upon stylistic differences among posts, that there is more than one) of Chateau Heartiste, yet who, because of their Christian beliefs, will not fully embrace the PUA lifestyle, namely because of its sexual libertinism and its corollary acceptance of birth control and abortion. For such men, the post referenced above should encourage them. Why?

The quoted post implies a classification that I want to develop and entitle exoteric-esoteric game (Yes, given the dry metaphysical appellation, I will probably be able to claim originality on this one.) For most of the men who read about game, I would wager that their primary desire is to get laid with as many ballin’ chicks as they can. I cannot fault them for this primal urge that has maintained the species; however, in a traditional, or in just a livable, society, these urges are, of course, regulated. (Then again, the operating premise of players–at least the thoughtful ones–much like Catholic traditionalists [See what I did there?], is that we are in a time of crisis.) Anyway, these dudes I will call game exoterists.

However, there those who approach game with a desire that goes beyond satisfying the regions that cannot be shown shaking on Ed Sullivan; this desire is to become man more fully alive. While this drive will bring an increased interest from women, as the gods of traditional order will occasionally smile upon men,  this is increased interest from the better smelling gender is only incidental. What these game esoterists fundamentally seek are the reaffirmation of traditional gender sex and riches that flow from a rightly ordered approach to reality. It is this sense that Christian men can and should employ game in their lives.

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