Sentimental Soundtrack Music for Your Weekend

This first piece for your listening pleasure is a gorgeously rendered version on baritone guitar of the Twin Peaks intro . Just so you know, Twin Peaks is my 2nd favorite TV series (the first place honor must go, upon pain of longer time in purgatory [if I get that far], to the brilliantly written Northern Exposure). Reruns of Twin Peaks (thanks, Bravo!) brought me bizarre when I needed bizarre in my life–like when most of my friends were watching Friends, and I have never since looked at logs, owls, dancing midgets, red velvet curtains, small town Satanic-incest-murder rituals, etc. the same. If you have never listened to Angelo Badalamenti’s score for the series or the vocal flutterings of Julee Cruise, you are missing out on an eerie but beautiful treat.

The second piece is a wildly exciting rendition of “Promentory” from Last of the Mohicans. I am not quite sure how many times I must have watched this movie on VHS. Watching this allowed me to catch up on a game I never played as a child–cowboys and Indians. While this arrested fantasy did not involve cowboys, it did involve my wondering how exactly I could become an Indian who did not work at a casino or drink at one. I kid, I kid.


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