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Though Takimag is a fairly young site (five or so years) years, I think that its star has already fallen quite a bit. I would put its glory year at the 2008 to 2009 mark. Back then, a young Richard Spencer (who has now, ahem, gone on to other web projects) was editor and writers such John Zmirak, Justin Raimondo, Tom Piatak, and Paul Gottfried regularly contributed. While the combox discussions/arguments/sycophantic e-fondling sessions are still worth reading, back then they were simply scintillating: namely, radtrads versus white nationalists, proud hedonists versus those urging moral restraint (though, the latter may still be the case). Also, during that time, the columns featured provocative ideas; now, the columns, for the most part, seem to provoke only through expression (or the lack thereof), not content. However, this recent feature by the editors (read: Jim Goad–a very worthy writer) is dy-na-MITE!

Feast your starved eyes on this:

We feel that America and England are more threatened by internal demographic erosion than we are by primeval religious nonsense that’s occurring thousands of miles away. We’re bitterly bemused at the fact that war-hungry stooges in the US and England are eagerly sending their soldiers over to die at the same time they’re allowing the Ummah to colonize us. Due to our half-assed and ultimately suicidal notions of tolerance and cultural sensitivity, the number of Muslims in the USA has more than doubled since 9/11. And we sincerely doubt that all, or even most, of them come with the noblest of intentions and an eager willingness to adjust to our culture. That’s simply not how Islam works. It’s not how Islam has ever worked. This is a real demographic threat rather than a vague existential one. Rather than further destroying our economy with endless and total wars of imperialism, we feel it’d be much more practical to immediately end all immigration to the US except for say scientists who have a cure for cancer.

While my ideas about legal immigration are still admittedly mush-headed, I do believe that Muslims should not be allowed to immigrate into Europe or the Americas unless they are willing to renounce publicly Islam and allow themselves to be placed under the provision of a local Christian (preferably Catholic or Orthodox) church.

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