What? There Are Christians in the Middle East?

A recent article by Srdja Trifkovic has been posted courtesy of those crusty paleo-cons at Chronicles about the horrific plight of Christians in the Middle East.  And surprise, surprise–American policies in that ol’ region of the world have either unintentionally or, worse and much more nefariously, intentionally made life hellish for those Christians who continue to hold out in the land of their ancestors–the land of Christianity.

The response of most American “Christians”: What? The Middle East even has Christians? What do they call themselves? Copts? Melkites? Maronites? Orthodox? Do they love Jesus? Isn’t the Middle East promised to the Jews? As long as we keep killing ragheads and fighting for democracy, everything will turn out okay, right? USA! USA! Oooo-rah!

(Personally, and like anybody is asking me, I think any Christian who has supported or continues to support any of America’s involvement [whether war or “shadow” funding of rebel regimes] in the Middle East in the past ten years should be willing to host one of the hundreds of thousands fleeing Christian families. Offer it up, y’all.)

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