Which Is a Better World?

Perhaps not one of his best, but definitely one of my favorite Walker Percy passages:

I cannot tolerate this age. And I will not.  I might have tolerated you and your Catholic Church, and even joined it, if you had remained true to yourself. Now you’re part of the age. You’ve the same fleas as the dogs you’ve lain down with. I would have felt at home at Mont-Saint-Michel, the Mount of the Archangel with the flaming sword, or with Richard Coeur de Lion at Acre. They believed in a God who said he came not to bring peace but the sword. Make love not war? I’ll take war rather than what this age calls love. Which is a better world, this cocksucking cuntlapping assholelicking fornicating Happyland U.S.A. or a Roman legion under Marcus Aurelius Antoninus? Which is worse, to die with T. J. Jackson at Chancellorsville or live with Johnny Carson in Burbank?

~ Lancelot

(I can’t help but think that this may have been Percy’s stab at ultramontane traditionalists…)

Walker Percy, along with Graham Greene and Flannery O’ Connor, nudged me into the Catholic Church through the literary door. (It is the door often confused for an exit.) If I make it to heaven (looking rather questionable at this point), I hope to get Percy to sign one of his books, provided his books are not on the Index of Forbidden Heavenly Books. For those who have not seen this (it aired on MPB recently), here is a fine documentary on Percy by Win Riley:

About Bourbon Apocalypse: A Whiskey Son of Sorrow

"If you can't annoy somebody, there's little point in writing." ~ Kingsley Amis
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